About Us

E-Archana Spiritual Solutions Pvt Ltd.is not an official representative of any of the mentioned temples, we are operating from the temple city Kumbakonam. As all the Navagraha temples and all major temples are within 50 KM from Kumbakonam, our representatives will go to the temple and do the Archana on behalf of you and your family then send the prasad to you via courier around the globe.

The service charge you pay includes buying Archana plates, Temple Archana chit, Gurukul Dakshina, delivery charge within India, and eArchana's service charge. Once the order is placed our service executive will call the registered number and confirms the Name, Rasi, and Star detail entered.

Once we verified the information, our representative will let you know the traveling date (within the next 7 days) as per the next available slot and share with you the WhatsApp number to track our geo location while we travel.

Our primary motto is to reach God's divine blessing all over the world.